PS3 GPU rework

There are many overnight and new repair centres that claim that they are qualified to repair Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, Pspgo, Ps Vita, Psp street, Nintendo ds, dsi, dsiXl, 3ds, 3dsxl, Wii, PS2, Please do not be fooled by claims that they have expertise to even repair the PS3 yellow light of death (YLOD) or Xbox 360 Red ring of death (RROD), 3 flashing red lights, e74, Xbox 360 red dot of death. These are very complicated repairs that require specialised electronic knowledge, expertise and machinery. Technicians claim repairs by reflowing boards by DIY videos from Youtube with heat air guns which will only cause more damage to the board itself.

PS3 laboratory rework

Once a board is worked on by an unqualified technician, the board CANNOT be repaired or recovered because of track damage due to broken pads underneath the BGA's caused by uneven heat from the heatgun, which in turn causes microsopic fractures throughout the board and BGA! The (fly-by-night) technician may offer a CHEAP reflow with no warrantee or may guide you to Partserve or Powercare for an exchange on a REFURBISHED UNIT. This unit is costly, warrantee is only 3 months and its not your original console. Our customers experience of FAILURE RATEs on refurbished units is very high - please research - its freely available on the web. 

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