PS3 Repairs

All repairs are subject to FREE QUOTES prior to Warrantied Onsite Repairs. Inspection needs to take place by our Onsite Qualified Technicians First, before any Free quote may be given.

Yellow Light of Death Repair (YLOD): Yellow light of death happens when you switch on your PS3, you will notice the light will go green, orange and then red, and it remains off, you will not be able to switch it on; the red light will remain on. The above process will repeat itself if you try switch it on again. This is called Yellow Light of Death (YLOD).

causes: The GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) is a BGA chip. The tiny micro lead balls that connect the GPU to the main motherboard dislodge themselves, become corroded, melt and cause a "dead short". This in turn causes the machine to malfunction which is as a result of the above YLOD.

Due to usage and playing of the console, the bga and motherboard heat and cool. This process causes microscopic cracks in the solder balls, not seen with the naked eye. These in turn cause the unit to malfunction and therefore YLOD.

How to fix YLOD: The unit is stripped, cleaned and sent to an electronics laboratory. Controlled heat is used to remove the GPU, clean the solder on the GP.

U and main board, reball with new solder balls and reapply the GPU to main board. Main board is now inspected with an Xray machine. It allows for inspection of each solder ball, possible cracks and "champagne bubbles". Now that the unit has been inspected and approved, the unit is sent back to the repair centre to be assembled and tested.


PS3 Lazer

ps3 laser
Price from: R549.99

PS3 Tray

ps3 tray and laser
Price from: R749.99

PS3 Yellow Light of Death

ps3 gpu
Price From R950 Excl. Vat

PS3 underview of bga solder balls

ps3 underview of bga solder balls