Iphone Repairs

Iphone, Ipad, Ipod repairs -

Price list on IPhone Screens +Digitisers:

IPhone 4: R449,00 Incl.

IPhone 4s: R449,00 Incl.

IPhone 5: R549,00 Incl.

IPhone 5s: R649,00 Incl.

IPhone 5cR649,00 Incl.

IPhone 6: R899,00 Incl.

IPhone 6PlusR1299,00 Incl.

IPhone 6s: R1899,00 Incl.

IPhone 6sPlus: R2499,00 Incl.

IPhone 7R3899,00 Incl.

IPhone 7plusR4999,00 Incl.



Iphone 4 Repairs

Iphone 4 Repairs

iphone 4

Iphone 4s Repairs

Iphone 4s

Iphone 5 Repairs

Iphone 6 Repairs

iPhone 6 Repairs

Iphone 6 new

iPhone 6 Plus Repairs

Iphone 6 black new

iPhone 6s Repairs

Iphone 6s 450x450

iPhone 6s Plus Repairs

Iphone 6s Plus

Iphone 7 Repairs

iPhone 7 Repairs

Iphone 7 new

iPhone 7 Plus Repairs

Iphone 7 plus

Repairs done on all Apple iPhone and iPad problems, big or small - digitisers, batteries, water damage, signal troubles, wifi chips, sim readers, speakers, buttons.

All parts and spares come with a warranty.